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To be completely honest, we were sick and tired of watching good, hard working people spend their money on products with empty promises and no results.  The hunting market is plagued with gimmicks.  We want to help deer hunters bring their dream buck to life.  Total herd health is the key.  Offering products that actually work, at a fair price, is our mission.


In our opinion, every honest hunter deserves to harvest the buck of a lifetime.  We want to help you accomplish that!  No corners were cut when developing these products.  Specialized professionals were instrumental in bringing our vision to life.  The highly educated ruminant nutritionists that built the formulas and recipes for our products, are the absolute best in the business in our opinion.  Imagine a company driven to help their customers succeed, not worry about profits. That's what you are getting with NXT Level Deer Supplements.

Meet the Founder and Owner,
Scott Christensen

Growing up I found a passion for the outdoors and as I grew older it led me to Chadron State College to purse a degree in wildlife biology and criminal justice with a goal of becoming a Game Warden. Right out of college I accepted a position as a Deputy Sheriff where I remained for about 5 years. I have since transitioned to owning and running my own Financial Services business. 

My passion for the outdoors and hunting continued to grow over the years.  When Nate and I met we found ourselves regularly discussing deer nutrition, we felt there was a great opportunity for us to start a outdoor business that actually focused on real results in the deer supplements business   We agreed to work together to bring our dream to reality and now here we are!

Meet the Founder,
Nate Clark

On both sides of my family the outdoors have always been a way of life.  From camping to fishing, to hunting, boating, tubing you name it, we did about everything.  But deer hunting has always been my favorite.  When I was just starting out deer hunting, sitting on a hill and watching for deer was the norm. But later I got into bow hunting and it was then that I truly started getting into the finer details of pursuing mature bucks.  But that was just an introduction in itself, into a bigger obsession, in deer nutrition.

Now, I'm not talking about grabbing the new flashy bag off the shelf and seeing if deer would eat it.  I'm talking about truly impacting deer and the development of their body, year after year from birth.  Self education using the mighty internet was, and still is an almost daily activity. But getting to work with a very well educated and experienced professional has been a true joy.  Being able to learn about real science and cut through the marketing jungle on a path to real results.


My wife (Kara) and I have 3 boys; Myles, Caleb, and Knoxx.  We all hunt with the exception of Knoxx. He's only 4 years old.  Kara has been very supportive and understanding of my passion for this adventure.  She and the boys are usually with me out checking cameras, mineral sites, and feeders.  Helping decide where to place blinds or new mineral sites.  It's a family affair and one we all enjoy together.


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